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Dorothy vs. Wolves

Dorothy Molter was known to hunt and gather her own food in the wilderness cornucopia she called home. However, it is not as well known that she also scavenged. Another, lesser-known method to obtain fresh protein meant taking advantage of a wolf-killed deer on Knife Lake during the winter months! Check out this article from Wolf Park, featuring Dorothy, on food aggression among wolves at a kill and how wolves react to humans near that same kill site.

Aggression Among Wolves, Wolf Park News, Vol.1 2015, Page 1

Wolf Park is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation, with the objective of improving the public’s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to the environment.

Museum awarded Bookshelf Grant

The museum is happy to announce the award of a $2,021 MN Museum Bookshelf Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Grant Program.  The grant provides funds to purchase resource material related to mission, vision and governance, interpretation, collections stewardship, and management.  The grant also provides the beneficial opportunity to purchase resources specific to small institutions like ours.

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